New, Technologically-Advanced Thermostats Offer Convenience and Savings for Homeowners

The thermostats inside homes and businesses are often inaccurate and do nothing to help homeowners reduce the cost of their utility bills. These thermostats must be manually adjusted for any type of change, and they do not often show the correct interior temperature of a home. In today’s technologically advanced world, it is now possible to own a thermostat that is adaptable and helps make heating and cooling in homes more efficient. Nest Thermostats are very user-friendly and help homeowners reduce their overall heating and air expenses.

The new Nest thermostat offers many convenient features and settings that make it the best choice for homeowners today. People who choose to get a Nest installed in their home will enjoy benefits such as:

Self-Programming Technology. The Nest will learn what type of temperatures residents prefer at certain times of the day. After only a few adjustments, the Nest will begin to learn what temperature to set the home without being prompted. In this way, homeowners will be able to enjoy a comfortable climate at all times without any additional effort of their own. These are preferable to manually-programmable thermostats that can be very challenging to set up correctly and difficult to maintain over time. They are also far more convenient and energy-efficient than thermostats that cannot be programmed and must be manually reset for any temperature change.

Auto-Away Technology. Nest thermostats are able to detect when all of the residents have left a home, even if the unit is not placed near the main door. This feature works flawlessly in most homes, depending on the exact specifications of the interior. When the home is empty, the Nest unit will change the temperate to a comfortable yet more efficient temperature until people return.

Mobile Control. People who purchase the Nest or Enviro Air are able to control their unit from any type of smartphone or tablet computer. This is especially helpful for people who travel or commute to work, as they will be able to adjust their device prior to arriving home. In this way, they will always enjoy a comfortable, pleasant temperature once they get there. Users can also monitor their energy usage and temperature settings using a mobile app.

While older models of thermostats are not efficient and do not offer a quality user experience, better units are now available. The new Enviro Air HVAC will learn how residents enjoy their interior climate and will program itself to meet these needs. The Nest has a mobile-friendly app for excellent user control and will help reduce overall utility costs for homes.